Power Strap for Apple Watch

few months ago, i had an idea. it’s time to share it with the world. maybe someone will use it, maybe they’ll offer me a trip on their carriage.

the idea: i had it, i wrote it down, shared it with a university researcher. he did nothing with it.

it’s a piece of digital history, if i don’t act on it, i would still like for someone else to succeed. and if they feel they can use my skills i’d love to talk. if anything, because i’m a geek and i love free energy.

kinetic energy is ‘free’. to find out about kinetic energy read this article that is meant for kids who like physics. seiko has been building it’s brand based on free energy since 1986 after all. i think of kinetic energy more of as magnetic energy as often the generation of electricity in a kinetic machine is based on magnetism.

magnetic energy is the future. humans, animals, plants – all moving and energy generating mechanisms. the average person moves enough daily to power a small electrical device. like an apple watch for example. i hope. obesity is more a case of sugar consumption in my opinion.

and now, the Power Strap.


Now – You have just purchased the coolest device on the market, the Apple Watch. But into your first week you realize that the battery is nothing to shout about.

Potential – Your friend Mary seeing that you’re not enjoying your Apple Watch as much as you’d expected, tells you about a product called the Power Strap. Essentially a strap similar to the ones provided by Apple. It’s not as sexy, but it does one very hot thing – it charges your watch as you go about life


Project Plan, well a rough one

What needs to be done to achieve this feat of engineering?

  • we need to identify current kinetic energy products on the market
  • assess current offering from a technology perspective (how do they create electricity from movement)
  • do the real research
    • create a power link that is approximately 15mm x 7mm x 2mm that can create an electric current. potentially use magnets and metals to create a movement in the ions so that they create an electric charge
    • create a way to directionally send the electricity created by the power link
    • create a way to join the power links
    • in a way that they can directionally send the electricity generated
    • once we have proven that the power links can be joined create a mechanism that can inductively charge the Apple Watch
  • create a Power Strap that combines the power links with the inductive charging mechanism
  • the electrical charge will not interfere with the device functioning
  • the electrical charge will not be harmful to humans

Kinetic Energy Research

MIT have been doing some with PZT and some other research too.

Other research has produced power from body heat.

More examples of body heat

  • flashlight made by a 15 yearold student
  • power felt
  • Seiko made a watch powered by body heat in 1998

The team required

  • conductive electricity guru(s)
  • industrial designer(s)
  • electrical engineers
  • metal specialists
  •  finance and marketing and product skills

The requirements above a slim, but you get the drift : An Apple Watch that charges while you are wearing it.

Why will the Power Strap be successful

The Pebble Watch was one of the most successful Kickstarter project in it’s time. The Apple Watch will be similarly popular.

But, as you will notice if you watched the Apple Watch keynote, they were very good at not talking about the battery or how long it lasts. Given that the Apple Watch will be power-hungry, the Power Strap is likely to be very popular. Yes, it does have a power reserve function as pointed out by Scott at CNET, but I have a feeling that many users will be seeing that particular screen.

Get in touch

I’d love to see this product make it on the market. If you have ideas, or know someone who does please leave a comment on how I can get in touch.


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