Personal Ad

We didn’t know each other well.

If at all, I only saw her picture, her personal summary,

She mentioned that she like to dress nouvelle

She likes stardust.


iPhone in the hand, mirror by the stand

The device memory getting fuller and I still struggle, struggle to understand

why do I pay so much attention to how i look

when i can be reading my old Dostoevsky book?

And then I remember, need to get a new Camera Lense!


When I’m not in from of the mirror I find entertainment in games,

Punching through the air, at the back seat of John’s van.

I’ve got the TOP score at Street Fighter, so the machine claims.


I’m a whistler. A tall listener.

You will not miss me if you walk past

I also like to make pancakes, play pool.

Pancake Magic is an infrequent show these days.

Not even pool, which I am occasionally good at, gets many plays.

PhD. PhD.


So if you like me, Write me a wit,

Write me a script.

Impress me with your words, with your selfie stick.


Yours Truly



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